IANNIELLO LEGAL FIRM LTD. offers investment strategies for every type of investor. Whether you prefer a conservative strategy with a more predictable outcome or a more aggressive approach with dynamic results, our objective is to meet your individual investment needs. Each of our products provides a unique portfolio structure that seeks to preserve principal and deliver consistent returns within your particular tolerance.

IANNIELLO LEGAL FIRM LTD. Philosophy employs active risk management and tactical asset allocation to achieve desired returns through global diversification.

IANNIELLO LEGAL FIRM LTD. Global Conservative Allocation invests mainly in fixed-income products to preserve capital and generate income.

IANNIELLO LEGAL FIRM LTD. Global Balanced Allocation aims to maximize the risk-return tradeoff and benefit from price appreciation by investing in equities, fixed-income and alternative products.

IANNIELLO LEGAL FIRM LTD. Global Growth Allocation the most aggressive strategy, investing mainly in equities and alternative products, allowing for more diversified appreciation.

IANNIELLO LEGAL FIRM LTD. Global Alternative Allocation invests in the most opportune areas worldwide.