Through affiliates of IANNIELLO LEGAL FIRM & PARTNERS LTD. , the IANNIELLO LEGAL FIRM & PARTNERS LTD. makes private equity investments in growing, profitable mid-market companies. Our expertise, capital and strong network of resources are designed to complement the business objectives and strategies of clients seeking to build and expand their companies.

Relationships are the key to our success. We work closely with the companies we invest in. While we are not involved in day-to-day operations, we take an active role in overseeing senior- and board-level management, primarily to assist and advise on strategic direction, financing and acquisitions.

We invest in quality companies with quality management. These companies have experienced leadership teams, sustainable competitive advantages and an important presence in a growing market. Generally, these companies have a history of revenue, earnings and products or services based on defensible intellectual property.

Our investments are structured to provide companies with the strength to grow and achieve their potential. We do not impose a standard structure on any transaction. Rather, our goal is to provide a framework in which each party has the proper incentives to make the transaction succeed. We believe in the prudent use of leverage. We apply conservative principles in developing growth projections and analyzing strategic acquisition opportunities.

While we prefer business investments that represent controlling ownership positions in companies, we will make minority ownership investments where we can add value. We are willing to invest in industries that exhibit modest, sustainable growth and provide predictable cash flows.

The classic Merchant Bank has long been defined as a “European Financial Institution” that engages in Investment Banking, Counseling, Advising and in Mergers and Acquisitions.

The American variant is NOT a Banking Entity; in fact, America does NOT have “Merchant Banks” but rather entities like are engaged in the activity of Merchant Banking.

Merchant Banking is the process of acting as PRINCIPAL and/or Agent in Project Financing, Mergers or Acquisitions, and/or Advising Clients in the “Structuring” of the funding needed for their Project, and/or assisting them in their Negotiations for the realization of a Project. In the 1980’s Merchant Banking became identified for the most part with leverage-buy-out transactions and related Junk Bond Financing, and some major Investment Banks and Leverage-Buy-Out Firms dominated the activity of the Mega Transactions (generally in excess of USD $500 million).