IANNIELLO LEGAL FIRM & PARTNERS LTD. Research encompasses both institutional equity research, offering a perspective on individual companies, sector-specific topics.

The importance IANNIELLO LEGAL FIRM & PARTNERS LTD. places on research comes from years of experience in a constantly changing world. We know that as markets develop and new sectors grow, it is imperative that our clients have the most accurate information available to ensure financial success. IANNIELLO LEGAL FIRM & PARTNERS LTD. clients will always have our commitment to conduct informative and enlightening research.

As a part of our commitment to our clients, we provide objective, well-developed research. Our skilled analysts use their talent to provide invaluable research that can help in making important decisions. Thanks to a wide range of resources obtained through technology, experience and reputation, our research analysts develop reports on the most current firms and sectors. Our equity analysts offer insight and opinions on companies in the consumer/retail, media, energy, financial institutions, health care, technology and water/environment sectors.

“Our clients care about execution. They care about management of companies. They care about ideas. And that’s where we come in. The main growth is going to be in the equity area for small- and mid-cap companies.”

Our policy analysts deliver investment relevant insights across a broad range of sectors, including geopolitics, international/trade,  health care  including services, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, telecom, media, financial services, water, environment, agribusiness, energy, and technology, emerging technologies.