IANNIELLO LEGAL FIRM & PARTNERS LTD. ‘ approach to investing can be summarized as follows:

Manage a network of Business Owners, Brokers, Accountants, Lawyers and Business Professionals with an emphasis on a timely response to investment opportunities and swift, efficient pursuit of situations that fit the  IANNIELLO LEGAL FIRM & PARTNERS LTD. model.

Maintain confidentiality throughout the transaction process.

Submit Investment Proposals that are fair and complete in a structure that both promotes a timely closing with minimal business interruption and offers flexibility in transaction structuring in order to achieve a variety of seller specific economic and non-economic considerations.

Conduct reasonable business Due Diligence that provides a complete, accurate view of the opportunity and allows  IANNIELLO LEGAL FIRM & PARTNERS LTD. to establish, along with substantial input from management, a post-transaction strategic vision for the company.

Design and implement management incentive programs designed to reward short and long term performance. Provide management with an equity stake in the successful implementation of the strategic initiatives.

Work closely with management from a board level to assist in the continuous “intrinsic improvement” of the business through revenue enhancement, margin improvement, working capital reductions and add-on acquisitions.