Applicable to transactions other than Funding

As aforementioned in “Project Financing,” IANNIELLO LEGAL FIRM LTD. does NOT charge any Up Front Fee, Application Fee, Revision Fee, Stand-by Fee, or “Retainer” when dealing with the funding of any given Project except, once again, for Countries located in emerging economies.

In fact, IANNIELLO LEGAL FIRM LTD. prefers to earn Equity Commission upon successful closing of a transaction, in addition to a Success Closing Fee which is Equally Shared between IANNIELLO LEGAL FIRM LTD. and its “Contacts.”

However, for any other type of Services, IANNIELLO LEGAL FIRM LTD. will, depending on the service, charge a Retainer Fee, in addition to an hourly fee that will vary depending on the service to be rendered.
Important Note: In any given transaction, the Client will be responsible for paying the Legal Fees, Valuation Fees (should IANNIELLO LEGAL FIRM LTD. need a Valuation Report), Report Fees (should IANNIELLO LEGAL FIRM LTD. need a Viability Report), and fees related to Due Diligence verifications.